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The Hits & Misses of Manchester United's January Transfer Window History. by Philip Meese - 15 Jan 2023 14:45

The January Transfer Window was introduced in the early 2000s, and it is safe to say that it has provided many talking points for the fans over the years. Sometimes, clubs suffering an injury crisis or a dip in form just need extra bodies added to their squad. On other occasions, they’ll dip into the market just to add extra strength to a team that’s already firing on all cylinders.

Whatever the reason, Manchester United have had varied degrees of success in the January transfer window, and even though this two-part article was published six years ago, that hasn’t really changed.

Manchester United January Transfer Window History Part One: The Misses

Wilfried Zaha and Víctor Valdés are the most well-known names in this list, but the chances are you won’t have heard of some of them.

Manchester United January Transfer Window History Part Two: The Hits


The pick of names on this list are Nemanja Vidić ad Patrice Evra, as well as a few other gems United picked up in January.