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Football Lists by Philip Meese - 14 Jan 2023 12:13

Football Lists are usually short, sharp articles that tend to make for easy reading. Personally, I’ve always found that they are particularly suitable for when you’re having something to eat. They don’t go into too much depth and are not just easy to follow, but if you look away from the screen and then return to it, it’s easy to remember where you were up to.

These articles are not just easy to read, but from a writer’s perspective, they are fun to write as well. Below are all of the ones I wrote for LWOS, and they cover a wide range of Topics.


Champs to Chumps: The Worst English Title Defences in History

In December 2015, Premier League Champions Chelsea looked like genuine relegation contenders. This article looked at other reigning champions who had a disastrous follow-up campaign.

Where Have all the Strikers Gone?

A look at how the centre forward role seems to be becoming more and more obsolete, compared with ten years previously.

Controversial Transfer XI

Eleven players whose transfers sent shockwaves throughout the football world.

A History of Champions League Title Defences

At the time of writing, no club had ever retained the Champions League since its rebranding in the early 1990s, and then-holders Barcelona were aiming to do just that.

Sixteen Players who Played for Manchester City and Liverpool

Ahead of the 2016 League Cup Final between these two clubs, this article looked at the varied careers of sixteen footballers who played for both.

The Defenders who Almost Signed for Manchester United

In early 2016, United were once again linked with Sergio Ramos, and this article looks at a number of defenders who almost made the move to Old Trafford but didn’t for various reasons.

Footballers Taken Too Early

Written shortly after the untimely death of football legend Johann Cruyff, this article looks at numerous players who passed away well before their time.

Ten Players Ignored by England

In the run-up to Euro 2016, I wrote an article about ten players that were never given a fair crack at representing their country.

The Manchester United Number 10 shirt

Although the Number 7 is seen as United’s most iconic shirt number, a similar amount of legends have adorned the number 10.

Liverpool Should be Wary of Previous Autumn Champions

A look back in time to teams who have started the season so well, they looked certain to win the league title, yet ultimately failed to do so.

How the Ballon d’Or would have looked without Ronaldo and Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi monopolised the Ballon d’Or for over a decade, and this article looks at how the final standings would have looked if those two players didn’t exist.

World Cup Heroes to Zeroes

A list of teams who did so well at a World Cup, only to ultimately disappoint four years later and, in some instances, not even qualify for the next one.