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In The News; Trending by Philip Meese - 14 Jan 2023 12:14

While writing for LWOS, I would often publish articles regarding topics that were in the news at that time. It’s always interesting to look back and see the things that football fans were talking about back then, especially regarding speculation about what the future may hold, and whether it came true.

Below are a series of articles focusing on stories that were trending at the time of writing.


The Proposed Champions League Changes Defeat the Point of Football

An article focusing on reports that UEFA were considering changing the criteria regarding qualification to the Champions League.

Russia’s Suspended Disqualification the only mark they made at Euro 2016

A look back at Russia’s dismal Euro 2016 campaign, in a tournament they were only just allowed to enter.

2016: The Year of the Underdog

2016 saw shock winners in the Premier League, European Championship and Copa América, among other surprises.

Manchester United’s 2016 Summer Transfers

After José Mourinho’s first Old Trafford transfer window closed, this article looked at the signings he made that summer.

Why a Class of 92 Repeat is Possible, but Unlikely

A look at why we’ll probably never see another “Class of 92” situation.

The 2006-07 Season: What Fans were Talking About Ten Years Ago

Written in the early part of the 2016-17 season, this article went back a decade to see what stories were big back then.

Why the Chinese Super League Should be Taken Very Seriously

Back in 2017, the Chinese Super League, and the huge sums of money being invested into it, was being linked with practically every top player in the world.

How Leicester City could set an Unwanted Precedent this Season

Midway through the 2016-17 season, reigning Premier League champions Leicester City were in danger of doing something no other team had ever done before.

Europa League: The only silverware missing from Manchester United’s Trophy Cabinet


Although Manchester United won the 2017 Europa League, until then, it was the only trophy they had never won.